HI, im Rinnie! I use lots of exclaimation marks!! i love being happy!!!! if u ever wanna be my friend...jst reach out!! !!!! mwah!

i use she/her pronouns by default but my other pronouns include:

  • fae/faer/faerself
  • hyd/hyr/hydself
  • kit/kits/kitself
  • you can pretty much call me by any neopronouns. test em out on me, i don't mind at all! i am a pronoun and gender hoarder O.o if youre curious on my genders, currently i have: nonbinary, hydrangeaflux, demiboy, egogender, raditian! check out my gender term tag on ranrin @ tumblr for info on some of these!! yes im xenogender and proud!!:heart: i'm also kin with nepeta leijon and i'm a fictive of rin hoshizora. :3 have a good day n remember someone loves u!!! my canon birthday is november 1, making me a scorpio!